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Creative Writing Major

Traditional Undergraduate Major Only

Make Writing Your Livelihood

Live out your personal passion for creativity in the rigorous Creative Writing major. It’s one of the few in Ohio to highlight creative nonfiction in addition to fiction, poetry, and screenwriting. Our workshops include graduate-level work, preparing you to enter a Master of Fine Arts program or the workforce.

Who Are Hiram’s Creative Writing Majors?

Hiram’s creative writing students are passionate about their craft, training to make writing their livelihood. They are engaged readers and intrepid thinkers. As faculty members teach the skills working writers need to succeed, Hiram’s creative writing majors welcome the challenge of innovative problem-solving. Students in Creative Writing might consider a second degree Film Studies, Performing Arts, Communication, or one of the other degrees that Hiram has to offer!

Show Your Voice

Writers are the voice of a culture. They show us who we are and what we want to be. Hiram College is one of the few colleges in Ohio that offers a major in Creative Writing. The Creative Writing major at Hiram allows students to explore their talent as writers of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, and screenplays through an emphasis on reading, craft and technique, genre study, workshops, and revision. The Creative Writing major combines extensive coursework in writing with literature classes. Students have ample opportunities to improve their own voice and technique while learning about careers in the writing field. The program focuses on literary writing and encourages writers to locate themselves within a literary tradition.

About the Creative Writing Degree Program

As one of only a few Ohio colleges to offer a Creative Writing major, Hiram College’s program provides workshop experience and one-to-one feedback comparable to MFA programs. Rather than living as a focus within an English degree program, this stand-alone major allows students to dive deep into their genre of choice, including creative nonfiction, a versatile choice for a writing career.

The creative writing major trains students to write well in any circumstance or job by identifying the audience and proper tone. As they work on the process of reading, writing, and responding, they learn to break down complex tasks and articulate their thoughts—useful skills in any career.

Creative writing faculty members encourage and prepare their students to pursue high honors during their time at Hiram College; past students have won national writing competitions and been accepted into prominent MFA programs. Students often use their senior capstone project, an extensive revision of a long writing project, to finalize work worthy of publication or graduate school application.

Opportunities in Creative Writing

The English program at Hiram College offers students exciting opportunities to distinguish themselves and develop professional experience and expertise while still undergraduates. Students work closely with faculty mentors to identify programs and experiences that will connect most directly with their own interests and goals

  • Bonney Castle

    Hiram College’s English program is housed in historic Bonney Castle, a nineteenth-century inn that has been renovated to include a multimedia-equipped seminar room, a small library, a fully-equipped kitchen, and faculty offices. Bonney Castle is also home to the Hiram Poetry Review.

  • The Writing House

    Located next door to Bonney Castle, the Stephen and Jacquelyn Love Writing House is home to Hiram College writers. It includes the Writing Center, two classrooms, kitchenette, space for readings and receptions, and faculty offices.

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