Online Master’s in Sport Management

Hiram’s online master’s in sport management degree is a challenging, interdisciplinary program that prepares current and aspiring professionals to become innovative and thoughtful leaders in the athletic landscape.

Students will learn the skills that are essential to leadership in the sports industry, including facility management, human resources management, sport analytics, sport law, sport marketing, diversity and inclusion in athletics, and more. The program allows students to accelerate their career path, making them qualified candidates for executive positions in sport management. 

By combining academic coursework with practical experience, earning a Master of Arts in Sport Management at Hiram College will ensure you are well-prepared to pursue rewarding careers in diverse sectors of the sports industry.

Our master’s degree in sport management program is completed in an online, asynchronous, 8-week format, tailored to working adults who wish to advance in their careers in sport management.

There are multiple opportunities throughout the school year for students to begin our online master’s in sport management program. This includes entry points for the start of fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students who are enrolled in courses year-round can graduate with a Master of Arts in Sport Management degree within two years.

Admission Expectations for the Master’s Degree in Sport Management

Students applying to Hiram College for a Master of Arts in Sport Management should meet the following admission expectations:

  • Academic excellence – Students should have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 from a regionally or nationally accredited institution.

  • A personal statement – Students should submit a personal statement that addresses personal and professional goals and how these align with enrolling in the sport management master’s program.

  • Letters of recommendation – Students should provide two letters of recommendation that address their motivation, accomplishments, and academic commitment.

It is important to note that program faculty will conduct holistic reviews of applications to ensure admitted students are likely to succeed.

Therefore, applicants seeking an online master’s in sport management who do not quite meet the GPA expectations, but have other strengths, are still encouraged to apply. It is essential, however, for any applicants to meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.75.

About Our Master’s Degree in Sport Management at Hiram College

Course Information

Students are required to fulfill the following requirements to earn a Master of Arts in Sport Management at Hiram College:

  • 36 graduate credit hours
  • Completion of core coursework
  • Minimum of 9 credits of graduate elective coursework
  • Capstone project

In terms of courses, you’ll be required to take:

  • Applied Sport Management Skills
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Sport
  • Fitness and Health Promotion/Management

Students can choose electives from the three following areas:

  • Sport Administration
  • Sport Media
  • Human Resource Management

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Image: Students in the Kennedy Cetner

4+1 Accelerated Pathway

Undergraduate students in Hiram’s sport management program can apply to be part of the accelerated 4+1 program, which gives students the chance to complete their master’s degree in sport management just one year after completing their bachelor’s degree. Qualified students must meet the standard undergraduate requirements and complete specific master’s level coursework during their fourth year at Hiram.

Community Partnerships 

In the Master of Arts in Sport Management program at Hiram College, students have the opportunity to hone the planning, organizing, and leadership skills required to successfully manage teams within sports organizations. Our program partners with several nonprofit sport management organizations in the Cleveland area to help students apply and develop their management knowledge and skills by engaging in a community-based project.

Through these partnerships, students will be able to contribute their strengths to collaborative projects that advance the mission of their community partner, while learning from the leaders of these organizations and developing management skills.

Adaptive Sports Ohio appreciates the opportunity to work with Hiram students to increase our brand awareness and engage students in fundraising and career exploration. As a nonprofit, the benefits of networking with college students and creating solutions to the challenges we face are significant. We look forward to partnering with Hiram more in the future.

Lisa Followay, President and CEO of Adaptive Sports Ohio

Why to Choose Hiram College for Your Online Master’s in Sport Management

Here at Hiram College, we are committed to helping students learn, grow, and succeed with excellence in higher education. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to our students during their time here, as well as extending assistance after graduation as you begin your career.

Some of the many advantages of choosing Hiram for your master’s degree in sport management include:

In addition, Hiram College has a Coordinated Assistance Resource and Education (CARE) team that consists of a group of staff members who meet regularly to provide additional support for students taking courses both online and in-person.

Request Information About Earning Your Master of Arts in Sport Management

Are you ready to advance your career in sport management? Apply to the online Master of Arts in Sport Management program at Hiram College today and join a community of passionate professionals dedicated to shaping the future of the sports industry.

If you have any questions, please be sure to request more information. We look forward to welcoming you to Hiram College!


Joanna Line

Jo Line, Ph.d.

Assistant Professor, Fieldwork and Partnerships Coordinator

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