Centers of Distinction

Hiram College’s Centers of Distinction fuel interdisciplinary study and enhance the student academic experience by creating new landscapes for learning in and out of the classroom.

Image: Garfield Center Students discussing a project


Hiram allows you to rise above the crowd by capitalizing on the many unique opportunities our campus offers. For those looking for an additional opportunity to thrive in the academic area of their choice, Hiram’s Centers of Distinction offer unparalleled opportunities to fuel interdisciplinary study and create new landscapes for learning in and out of the classroom.

What makes them unique?

Centers of Distinction are not the same as academic departments. The programming and opportunities (speaker series, learning communities, internships, service learning, scholarships) stemming from each Center are open to Hiram students from any major. Each Center does, however have academic majors and minors that are closely affiliated with them if students which to connect to them more intensively as part of their plan of study

Through Centers, students from any major can take part in unique opportunities such as:

  • developing plans for new businesses and social ventures and operating them.
  • mastering organic chemistry or music theory while training in hospice.
  • traveling to Washington to directly interact with key leaders developing domestic and foreign policy.
  • partnering with faculty and staff to establish Hiram’s sustainability goals.
  • teaching genomics to high school students, while taking on their own research project.
  • editing and publishing a professional literary journal, while becoming a campus leader in a service partnership within our community.

Hiram College believes passionately in the tradition of liberal arts education. At the same time, Hiram believes students in today’s increasingly competitive world also need skills that lead directly to success in their chosen professions and personal development. The Entrepreneurship minor supports students in their pursuit of a new business or cause by providing mentoring, financial support, and relevant coursework to get them on their path to success.

The Center for Literature and Medicine is the home of a distinctive interdisciplinary program that serves undergraduates, health care professionals, and the wider community.

The Garfield Center for Public Leadership focuses on preparing students to assume public leadership roles, to positively affect their community and themselves.

The Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature views reading and writing as foundations of the liberal arts tradition, of lifelong learning, and of culture in all its forms. The Center offers special opportunities for all Hiram College writers and readers.

The Center for Diversity, Inclusion and Social Impact provides an engaging and supportive environment for students of all backgrounds, critically examining issues of diversity, inclusion, marginalization, inequality and equity.