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Graduate Studies

Advance your knowledge and career

Whether you've recently earned your undergraduate degree or have been out of college for some time, earning a master’s degree from Hiram College can help you to achieve your goals. The MAIS degree allows you to focus on the content area of your choice and explore how it intersects with other disciplines.

Invest in yourself personally and professionally

Founded in 2004, Hiram College’s Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) program has long provided students from a variety of academic backgrounds a graduate education grounded in interdisciplinary and the liberal arts.

The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program at Hiram College has a long tradition of fostering imaginative and critically reflective approaches to complex, expansive problems within an interdisciplinary learning and research community. The program has as its primary goal the need to equip students with knowledge, critical skills, and sensibilities crucial for addressing complex and multi-faceted questions in life and work. At the curricular center of this program is Leadership in the Liberal Arts, coursework that builds on the strengths of the interdisciplinary structure and flexibility of the program while giving a clear focus and direction to students.