Values & Mission Statement

Image: Hiram students on campus


The mission of Hiram College is to foster intellectual excellence and social responsibility, enabling our students to thrive in their chosen careers, flourish in life, and face the urgent challenges of the times.


Core values are the essential enduring tenets which guide the Hiram College community. They set forth what we believe and define how we should conduct our affairs. At the heart of these values is the student.


  • We are a community that fosters mentoring relationships and shared responsibility for learning.
  • We are committed to the well-being of each member of the community.
  • We value the distinctive contributions of every person in the learning environment.


  • We believe in the interrelationship of knowledge exemplified in the liberal arts.
  • We demonstrate unwavering commitment to the pursuit of learning and quality scholarship.
  • We value superior teaching and comprehensive mentoring.
  • We are committed to supporting the continuous personal and professional growth of community members.
  • We foster an environment that encourages open inquiry.


  • We recognize that the well-being and governance of the community are a shared responsibility among community members.
  • We believe that community members are accountable for their actions and should be held to high standards.
  • We embrace our responsibility to the larger community beyond the boundaries of Hiram College and encourage learning through service.


  • We respect the dignity of each individual.
  • We are an inclusive community that welcomes people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and points of view.
  • We recognize the value of diversity in our educational program.
  • We seek to foster a supportive environment in which community members will be challenged to explore knowledge, values, and ethics from varied perspectives.
  • We celebrate freedom of thought and freedom of choice.


  • We honor our tradition in the liberal arts and its profound relevance to society.
  • We are eager to explore new issues and practices and integrate them into our academic vision.
  • We encourage individual initiative, creativity and talent.