When it comes to picking a college, prospective students and their families often have simple desires: they want a school that offers an affordable, high-quality education and leads to positive career outcomes. Hiram College has delivered on just that. 

Money Magazine recently announced its annual “Best Colleges For Your Money report and Hiram College is on the list. To determine the ranking, more than 700 four-year public and private institutions were assessed based on factors in three categories: quality of education, affordability, and alumni outcomes. Analysts weighed 27 data points, including graduation rates, family borrowing, socio-economic mobility and alumni earnings. 

The rankings were based on the estimated amount a freshman starting in 2019 would pay to earn a degree, taking into consideration sticker price, grants, scholarships, and the average degree completion time. Information analyzed was collected prior to the implementation of Hiram’s new tuition model, which reduced the College’s list price of $37,710 for tuition and mandatory fees to $24,500 beginning in the fall 2020 semester. The lower list price reduces the sticker shock that makes private college seem out of reach for many prospective students and their families. It also offers students free summer courses and expanded opportunities for paid internships. 

Learn more about Hiram’s new tuition model.  

Photo credit: Kasey Samuel Adams

by Jenelle Bayus

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