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Andrew White, Ph.D.

Director, Scarborough School of Business & Communication
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Andrew White is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and the Coordinator of the Sport Management program. His area of expertise is sport, exercise, and performance psychology, with emphases on the psychology of sport-related injury and mental skills training for sport performance.

Andrew’s teaching interests include sport and exercise psychology, abnormal psychology, history and philosophy of sport, and general psychology. He also enjoys working with students on their independent research or providing opportunities for students to assist with his research projects.


  • B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University
  • M.A., University of Windsor
  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Research Interests

Andrew’s research interests include positive youth development (educational, social, emotional, and physical) through sport, strategies to reduce injury in youth sport, and perceptions of mental skills training. Many of these interests are carried out as community-based intervention research.

Selected Publications

  • White, A. C., Heffernan, C., & Kihl, L. (In press). Academic outcomes of an out-of-school sport program: A repeated-measures community-based participatory research study. In SAGE Research Methods Cases. London, UK: Sage Publications.
  • White, A. C., Russell, H. C., Wood, K. N., Lundstrom, C., & Wiese-Bjornstal, D. M. (2017, October). Breadth or depth? Evaluating psychological, performance, and injury outcomes following multidimensional or single-skill mental skills training in marathoners. Poster presented at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology 32nd Annual Conference, Orlando, FL.
  • White, A. C., & Wiese-Bjornstal, D. (2016, September). An applied behavior analysis approach to reducing poor sportsmanship and injury rates in youth football. Poster presented at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology 31st Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Wiese-Bjornstal, D., White, A. C., Russell, H. C., & Smith, A. M. (2015). Psychology of sport concussions. Kinesiology Review, 4, 169-189. doi: 10.1123/kr.2015-0012.
  • Knezevic, B., Pedden, V., White, A., Hoaken, P., & Miller, C. (2015). A multifactorial conceptualization of impulsivity: Implications for research and clinical practice. Journal of Individual Differences, 36, 191-198. doi: 10.1027/1614-0001/a000173.

Fun Facts

  • Loves animals and has two dogs, two rabbits, and a bird
  • Enjoys playing all sports, especially basketball, golf, and softball
  • First generation college student

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