Class #22 (Apr. 1) Reading Questions (the final set!) - The Fabric of the Cosmos


Chapter 15


1. Why does quantum mechanics appear to rule out the possibility of the teleportation of a material object (which is possible, in principle, according to classical physics)?


2. Explain what is actually teleported in the recent demonstrations of quantum teleportation using photons.  Will this technique allow us to teleport a macroscopic object ala Star Trek?


3. Greene claims that physics allows time travel to the future.  Explain how you could do this.   Does physics allow time travel to the past?


4. Explain how a wormhole time machine works.   What are the technical challenges to realizing such a device?



Chapter 16


5. Look up the meaning of the word "allusion" and then explain what Greene means by the chapter title "The future of an allusion".


6.  What evidence does Greene point to in support of the possibility that space and time may not be "fundamental concepts". 


7.  What is meant by a "background independent" framework for a physical theory?  Can string theory provide such a framework?




Your Question:  Please give a well formulated question that you have regarding the material covered in this reading assignment.