Class #9 (Feb. 5) Reading Questions - The Dark Side of the Universe


Chapter 3


1.  What is the evidence for the existence of dark matter in distant spiral galaxies and what are the actual observational measurements that provide this evidence?


2. What is the evidence for dark matter in our own Milky Way galaxy?


3. Give two other pieces of observational evidence (in addition to 1 and 2 above) for the existence of large quantities of dark matter in the universe.



Chapter 4


4.  Once explanation for the dark matter associated with spiral galaxies (such as our own Milky Way) is that is consists of objects called MACHOs.  What does the acronym MACHO stand for and what are some examples of such objects?


5. Explain how a MACHO can be detected via a microlensing event. Have any MACHOs actually been observed?



Chapter 5


6.  Given the strong evidence that neutrinos do have mass, why are they considered to be only a "minor player" in the dark matter mystery?


7. What does the acronym WIMP stand for and what are some examples of such objects?





Your Question:  Please give a well formulated question that you have regarding the material covered in this reading assignment.