Class #8 (Jan. 31) Reading Questions - The Dark Side of the Universe


Chapter 1


1.  This chapter describes three techniques (parallax, luminosity, and diameter) for measuring how far away a star, or other distant object, is from the earth.  Describe these techniques and explain the limitations of each one.


2. What is the Doppler effect and how can it be used to measure the speed of a distant star or galaxy?


3. Explain how Einstein's picture of the force of gravity differs from the "standard model" picture of the electromagnetic, strong, and weak forces.



Chapter 2


4.  What exactly did Hubble measure to come up with "Hubble's Law" and why does this law suggest a Big Bang origin to the universe?


5. What is the Cosmic Microwave Background and why does this radiation provide strong evidence for a Big Bang origin to the universe.


6.  What is the relation between the total mass of "stuff" in the universe and the ultimate destiny of the universe?



Your Question:  Please give a well formulated question that you have regarding the material covered in this reading assignment.