Hiram College

The Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center

The center of student life and the first stop for most visitors to the College, the Kennedy Center is the epicenter of campus activity. Find out what makes the Kennedy Center your gateway to Hiram.

The Hub of Hiram College

When students, visitors, faculty, and staff walk into the three-floor Kennedy Center, they immediately see the Welcome Center, Hiram’s core of information. If you have any questions about activities, events, locations, or resources in the building and across campus, the student representative will help you find the answers.

Beyond the Welcome Center, the main floor of the Kennedy Center houses the Hiram College Bookstore, Bistro, the popular open-concept lounge, the Jagow Room and student life offices. Members of the Hiram College community use these areas to gather, work, and refuel.

If you’re attending a campus event in the Kennedy Center, you’ll likely journey to the second floor, where the Ballroom, Brown Fall Room, and Dix Dining Hall are located. Here you’ll find events such as student organization meetings, dinners, and guest talks throughout the week. Campus safety is also located on the second floor. 

The lower level of the Kennedy Center is a place where many students gather in the evenings and weekends to enjoy the game room or to study with friends. Also housed in the lower level is the Kennedy Center computer lab, one of the locations on campus where students can use desktop computers and printers. Additionally, the special events office and Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) occupy the lower level.