Hiram College

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Feb. 1-25, 2013

The exhibition“Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books II” (MIMB II) will feature a variety of artist books produced by artists from around the world.

Organized by Hui-Chu Ying, Professor of Art at the University of Akron, the MIMB II is a curated collection of small artist books produced by artists from India, Pakistan, Germany, China, Japan, Canada, and Spain; as well as locally.  MIMB II is an educational and collaborative project aimed at encouraging artists to produce books that can be shared readily, and then distributing them to as wide an audience as possible.  The exhibition features small-sized “object-books” that expand the traditional definition of a book beyond merely a carrier of text, to an object that functions as three-dimensional sculpture.

Directions to Hiram College can be found at http://www.hiram.edu/about/map.  For additional information, please call the Hiram College Art Department at 330-569-5304.

The Art Gallery is located at the Gelbke Fine Arts Center, 12000 Winrock Road, and is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.