Hiram College

March 2-6, 2009


Lorenzo Pezzatini, a native resident of Florence, Italy, has been a fixture in the Florentine art scene for nearly three decades.  He created a unique strand like material out of the materials of acrylic painting, called “filo” in the early 1980s, and has since embarked on a life journey to realize the potential of filo as subject and medium for painting, sculpture, installation, and performance.

Lorenzo has used Filo to comment on popular media, consumerism and advertising, war and injustice, as well as love and familial bonds.  Lorenzo has had prominent exhibitions throughout Italy, as well as in Serbia, Austria and Germany.  In the United States, Lorenzo has exhibited in New York City, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. Learn more at the artist’s website.


Lorenzo is Head of Graduate Studies in Studio Art and Advanced Painting programs at Studio Art Centers International (SACI) in Florence, Italy.

Lorenzo will spend time making Filo publicly plus will meet and work with students throughout the week.

The Artist in Residence event is made possible by the Hiram Community Trust and Hiram College.