Hiram College


The Hiram College Bookstore is the go-to place for students who need to purchase Hiram clothing, snacks or supplies, or pick up books for classes. Located on the first floor of the Kennedy Center, students, faculty and staff enjoy the variety of items for sale by the friendly Bookstore staff.

Your go-to place for Hiram garb

Visiting the Bookstore is an adventure each and every time. Filled with snacks, personal items, a large school supplies department, an art supplies section, you are sure to find what you need. Most importantly, we have the largest section of Hiram College clothing and souvenirs available anywhere!

  • Books

    Although the Bookstore no longer carries a supply of each semester’s books, it does help to arrange for book orders for students to obtain their books each semester. Books can be ordered online and delivered directly to the Bookstore, saving the student the hassle of having books shipped to home. The Bookstore also operates the book buyback each semester, allowing students to earn money back on the books they no longer need for current classes.

  • Online Store

    Hiram College Bookstore is owned and operated by Hiram College for the benefit of our community. You help support the College through purchases made at our store since all proceeds from our operations are returned to the College. Thank you for your support!