Hiram College

In July 2014, Lori E. Varlotta, Ph.D., became Hiram College’s 22nd and first female president. During her years as president, she led the College through six banner fundraising years raising more than $56 million dollars. Known for her collaborative leadership style, Dr. Varlotta worked with colleagues across campus to design and implement changes that were meant to benefit the institution as a whole and the students it serves. Most notably, she structured and guided a comprehensive process that positioned Hiram as The New Liberal Arts™. The New Liberal Arts combines contemporary and classic majors, prioritizes integrative and interdisciplinary learning, guarantees that all students complete an experiential activity, and promotes Mindful Technology™. The latter has been brought to life through Hiram’s Tech and Trek™ 1:1 mobile technology program, the first of its kind in Ohio.

As part of the New Liberal Arts, Dr. Varlotta and her leadership team supported faculty in ushering forth curricular changes that included a host of new majors. Some of the newest ones—Integrative Exercise Science, Public Health, Sport Management, and Criminal Justice—are fast becoming the most popular fields of study at Hiram. She has also worked with staff in athletics to add new intercollegiate offerings such as Men’s Volleyball, Cheer/STUNT, and most recently Men’s and Women’s Wrestling. Earlier this year, Dr. Varlotta took a lead role in conceptualizing the Learn More, Earn More, Spend Less tuition model. Covered on CNBC, it has been described by national leaders at NAICU and CIC as a highly innovative model. 

On Sept. 30, 2020, Dr. Varlotta will conclude her time as president of Hiram College to begin her second presidency at California Lutheran University located in Thousand Oaks, California. Hiram College has historically named spaces and places after its outgoing presidents. With this in mind, the Hiram College Board of Trustees finds it fitting to name the campus green in honor of Dr. Varlotta and invites you to make a gift in her honor.

Your gift to the Varlotta Green will help the College beautify the current campus green and better utilize the area to leverage the spirit of Hiram’s Tech and Trek program. It will also honor Dr. Varlotta and her personal passion for the outdoors and an active lifestyle. Long used as a gathering space for bringing together the campus community, the area will soon be in even greater demand during the current pandemic as more classes and activities will take place outside. Long after the pandemic ends, your support ensures that the revitalized campus green remains an attractive gathering spot for future generations of Hiram students.