Hiram College

Tree Canopy Project

Starting in the spring of 2019, the College’s physical plant joined forces with Forest City Tree Protection to begin an overdue canopy pruning. The work focused largely on trees on the campus green and those in front of nearby buildings. In addition to the routine trimming of several trees to remove dead limbs and encourage healthy growth, some of the campus’s oldest trees required special attention. To go about this work in the best way, members of the physical plant agreed to participate in the “Tree Academy” which took place over the summer of 2019.

Knowing that all trees cannot be saved or maintained, the physical plant partnered with a local sawmill to take down those that needed to be cut. The goal is to use as many as possible for lumber that will be returned to the College for campus projects. Soon, students could find themselves sitting in the campus green on a bench or at a picnic table built from the wood of a campus tree.

For the full story on Hiram’s Tree Canopy Project, click here to read the article from the Winter 2020 issue of Hiram Magazine.