Hiram College

All full-time traditional students as well as faculty and staff are issued the latest generation of Apple learning tools to hone students’ academic, interpersonal, and reflective skills:

  • Apple iPad 
  • Apple Pencil
  • Keyboard/Case

The 21st-century world is an interconnected one. In- and out-of-classroom explorations, group work, and reflections; real and virtual journeys to lands near and far; and communications with classmates and colleagues across the globe characterize the contemporary collegiate experience. Tech and Trek™ brings all of those possibilities to life in the historic 19th-century homes and other learning spaces that serve as classrooms on this 169-year-old campus. Tech and Trek™ ensures that students can use mobile technology and its many corollary devices to access academic resources and to build and share sophisticated platforms for inquiry. Tech and Trek™ also allows students to capture, compile, and share the ideas, images, and stories that emanate from their residence halls, classes, study-abroad trips, and internships.