Hiram College

Tech and Trek™: The New Liberal Arts™

Tech and Trek™

Intimate classrooms, study abroad programs, and internship opportunities have long been milestones in the Hiram College journey. This year, the College adds a comprehensive mobile technology program as yet another marker that will help students forge their path to degree and beyond. The new program has been dubbed Tech and Trek™. Its primary aim is to teach "mindful technology™"-- where students learn how to creatively and critically use technology to enhance their learning on and beyond the campus.

Starting in Fall 2017, all full-time traditional students as well as faculty and staff will be issued the following learning tools to hone students’ academic, interpersonal, and reflective skills:

  • iPad Pro
  • Apple Pencil
  • Keyboard bundle

The 21st-century world is an interconnected one. In- and out-of-classroom explorations, group work, and reflections; real and virtual journeys to lands near and far; and communications with classmates and colleagues across the globe characterize the contemporary collegiate experience. Tech and Trek™ brings all of those possibilities to life in the historic 19th-century homes and other learning spaces that serve as classrooms on this 167-year-old campus. Tech and Trek™ ensures that students can use mobile technology and its many corollary devices to access academic resources and to build and share sophisticated platforms for inquiry. Tech and Trek™ also allows students to capture, compile, and share the ideas, images, and stories that emanate from their residence halls, classes, study-abroad trips, and internships.

What It Looks Like

Hiram students rarely sit through a “sage on a stage” lecture. Here, intimate and interactive teaching, learning, and sharing are not just rhetoric; they are reality. And this reality will be even further enhanced by a mobile technology program that lets you do all of this and more:

  • Facetime or Skype with students, friends, or content experts anytime.
  • Be part of a class in which faculty can answer your questions on the spot so you don’t leave confused by materials presented.
  • Download presentation apps to create state-of-the-art digital storytelling projects.
  • Augment a written narrative or essay with photography or videography.
  • Record data, blog, and post about your experiences at an internship or on a study abroad trip. Share it with the world.

In addition to the distribution of actual devices, the Tech and Trek™ program supports technological upgrades to Hiram’s infrastructure, smart classrooms, and campus green spaces. Future phases of the program will ensure that all students, including those at community college partner sites and in the Weekend College, are issued devices as well.