Hiram College

Tech and Trek™ : The New Liberal Arts™ iPad-powered experiences

The New Liberal Arts™

Hiram’s Tech and Trek™ program puts an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and keyboard in the hands of every full-time traditional student.

Sure, the devices are key. Still, it is Hiram’s New Liberal Arts™ : integrated study, high-impact experiences, and mindful technology™ that makes it truly transformational. Tech and Trek™ enables you to capture, connect and reflect upon life-changing ideas, feelings, images and questions, no matter where you are.

  • Facetime or Skype with students, friends, or content experts anywhere, anytime.
  • Be part of a class where faculty can assess your understanding on-the-spot so
    questions get answered and you don’t leave confused by the material presented.
  • Download presentation apps to create state-of-the art digital storytelling projects.
  • Augment a written narrative or essay with photography or videography.