Sustainable Spaces

Image: Sustainable spaces at Hiram

Green space. Hiram’s beautiful, rural campus is filled with green space that students can use to study, relax, decompress, play, and explore. The green space inventory provides a map to these locations and some basic information for their use. Everything from open lawn to shady nooks, lush gardens, and even hiking trails can be found right on campus. In addition, the college is surrounded by tons of local, state, and national parks, nature preserves, and other natural areas. Hiram is truly a place to explore.

It is important for everyone to be involved in sustainability efforts, because it really does affect every person.

Kearan Barnett ’24

Hiram College’s campus includes several eco-friendly buildings and areas, promoting and teaching the importance of sustainability, including LEED-certified East Hall. Built in 2008, this residence hall and space for the Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship was constructed using recycled materials and features energy-efficient appliances.

East Hall

In 2014, faculty and students renovated the TREE House, home to the Environmental Studies Department, to become a model of sustainability. This academic building was renovated using repurposed building materials and now has energy-efficient features, including radiant floor heating and LED lighting.

TREE House

The College has made efforts to maintain the campus and its green spaces in an eco-friendly manner. In recent years, groundskeepers have changed their methods of maintaining green spaces and have further plans to reduce the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. Staff at the College’s Physical Plant also make a special effort to maintain and plan a healthy tree canopy for everyone on campus to enjoy. For those trees that do need removed due to age or other factors, carpenters use the wood for other uses on campus. Students, faculty and staff can enjoy outdoor furniture on the campus green spaces made from former Hiram trees.