Sustainable Campus Operations

Image: Sustainable spaces at Hiram

Zachary Fox

Zachary Fox ’21

With resources like the Northwoods and James H. Barrow Biological Field Stations and focuses on interdisciplinarity, urgent challenges, 21st century learning and social responsibility, we have all of the pieces of a leader in the sustainability higher learning.”

Hiram College has partnered with its dining and campus management vendors to ensure that sustainable efforts are being made in the daily operations of the campus. In the Dining Hall, students can enjoy meals that include produce, meat and dairy products sourced from farms in the Northeast Ohio area. Students, faculty and staff are also encouraged to use reusable packaging for to-go dining, reducing the waste caused by Styrofoam containers.

Other efforts have been made on campus to reduce waste as a part of daily operations. For instance, water fountains have been replaced with bottle-refilling stations in some academic buildings, encouraging the use of refillable water bottles across campus. To prevent the waste caused by disposable water bottles, dining areas on campus have limited the use of plastic water bottles and instead offer reusable bottles.

Hiram College also houses several solar panel arrays. With panels on top of the athletic facilities and near the Gelbke Fine Arts Center, Hiram is able to use renewable energy to support campus buildings.