Sustainability education

Image: Sustainable spaces at Hiram

Sustainability is a truly interdisciplinary topic that involves many courses of study along with our Environmental Studies program. In addition to classes, there are many extracurricular ways to get involved.

Environmental education at the Field Stations: our Field Stations host many programs open to students for free that allow them to get outside and learn about the natural world. These include guided hikes, night hikes and star parties, the Apple Cider Festival, art night, camping trips, bonfires, maple syrup production, and much more.

Campus As A Living Lab

Our diverse, green campus landscape gives us the opportunity to study the natural world right outside the classroom. Plus, our sustainable operations initiatives let students get hands-on experience working on real-life problems.

Arboretum inventory
Arboretum Inventory
Student Organizations

The Sustainable Development Committee works to develop new sustainability initiatives on campus. They are responsible for the compost program, the waste diversion program, data collection, the Arboretum. Now, they are working towards a campus thrift store and environmental justice initiatives. Environmental Appreciation Club gives students a chance to learn about sustainability and the natural world through laid-back group experiences in nature.

Earth Day 2023
Earth Day 2023

There are many workshops and programs that allow students to get additional knowledge and training in a variety of topics. Some recent examples include a residential solar installation course, in which students were certified to install solar systems, soil microbiology and sustainable agriculture workshops, the Earth Day Fair, and the annual Bissel Symposium.

Solar installation class
Solar Installation Class