Image: Sustainable spaces at Hiram

Hiram’s Trees

Hiram’s trees are an important part of the campus landscape. You’ll find plenty of shady spots to enjoy our green spaces, with trees ranging in age from newly planted to over 200 years old! The campus tree canopy’s health is maintained to provide attractive green space and provide many environmental benefits. As a result of the College’s efforts to maintain and improve the tree canopy on campus, we have been designated a Tree Campus through the Arbor Day Foundation and are an officially certified arboretum through the Morton Register.

The Hiram College Arboretum

Arb Net Accredited Arboretum

An arboretum is a collection of trees used for education or research. To be certified as a Level I Arboretum, Hiram developed a plan to maintain the trees on campus and plant more each year than what are cut down. In addition, the trees are used for research and education, including through the keeping of a tree inventory for all of campus. Classes can utilize the arboretum as a learning tool, and multiple public events are hosted each year that focus on campus trees. Hand-painted signs label fifty of our trees to give students and visitors an opportunity to learn species identification. Past students might recognize the signs as former residence hall bed frames – in our effort to preserve trees, we only reused wood for the signs that would otherwise go to the landfill!

Our small campus has roughly 1,000 trees that cast shade, display showy flowers and fall foliage, provide habitat for wildlife, and help reduce our carbon footprint. While fifty trees are labeled, there are over 70 species of trees on campus, plus many more varieties of trees and shrub. Follow the map to find each of the labeled trees and learn what is growing around you!