Hiram College

Did you know that according to IES Abroad, 97% of students who studied abroad found employment within 12 months of graduation? That compares to 49% who found employment during that same period. This is just one of the benefits of studying abroad.

Studying abroad will enhance your resume, as well as your awareness of the world. Approximately 80% of students who studied abroad felt that their study abroad experience helped them adapt to their work environment, according to IES Abroad. Students were also 90% more likely to get into their first or second choice for graduate school and those who went straight into the workforce earned 25% higher than their counterparts who did not study abroad.

Studying abroad broadens a student’s perspective on the world and their place in it. It provides invaluable life experience, personal growth and intercultural development.

At Hiram, we have established a study abroad program that does not interfere or become intrusive in a student’s academic schedule. Most of our study abroad programs are held during our 3-Week term, when students are taking only one course (in this case, their study abroad course). Three weeks spent traveling and exploring a new culture and landscape will change the way you see the world and your place in it.

As someone who waited to truly study abroad until she was 33, I highly regret not taking advantage of studying abroad while at Hiram College as an undergraduate student. I felt it was out of my reach, but if I had taken the time to explore my options with the study abroad coordinator, I would have realized there were scholarships available and that would have made it more accessible. I could have possibly explored more than one study abroad experience, but I let fear of the unknown hold me back.

Now that I have studied abroad in India with Professor Jugdep Chima in 2014, I have found myself connecting differently to the world around me. I am willing to take risks I wasn’t before.

If you study abroad, you will be changed in wonderful, unimaginable ways. Take advantage of the opportunities you have now, before life (such as your career, family, etc.) gets in the way! Don’t let the fear of the unknown deter you from learning more about the world around you. If you do this, you may find your voice or find a new passion or career idea that you hadn’t considered before.

Studying abroad is all about learning and growing to help make this world we all inhabit more understanding and tolerant of different ideals and beliefs.