Hiram College

You have determined that studying abroad during the academic year will not work in your schedule for one reason or another.  Maybe you are double majoring and there isn’t room in your schedule or maybe you are wanting to finish in three years, which is leaving you with no room in your schedule.  Whatever the reason, there are other options for you!  One of the best options would be to study abroad during the summer.  This, at Hiram, would be considered a non-traditional trip (i.e., not one led by Hiram faculty), but you can still explore the world and have it count as your Connect requirement or you can still get credit for your experience!

So the question remains:  How do you go about doing this?

  1. Decide on a location!  Where do you want to study abroad?
  2. Look for options to those locations.  This can be by visiting the plethora of information in Hinsdale from reputable outside companies.  This can be by checking out the exchange programs has through John Cabot University, Bogazici University, Istanbul Aydin University, and Kansai Gaidai.  You can also check out our website on other outside companies!
  3. You will want to talk with your advisor about what you are thinking about.  They will be the ones who will need to approve any courses you are interested in taking.
  4. You will want to meet with Brittany Jackson, the Study Away Coordinator, to discuss what forms you will need to complete.
  5. If you want to apply for a study abroad scholarship for summer programs, they should be submitted by March 8th with the fall applications.

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to the Study Away Office with any questions or concerns!  We are located in Teachout Price, just past Admissions or can be reached by email at jacksonb1@hiram.edu.