Hiram College

Written by Jared Miller ’19

This blog post is written in response to Jared’s spring 2019 3-week trip to the United Kingdom with Professors Paul Gaffney and Brittany Jackson.

Our group of fourteen students and two professors used many different modes of transportation while in England. For example, we used the tube (an underground subway system), double-decker buses, sleeper trains, and large commercial jets 

Firstly, I will describe my experiences with the tube. In order to go on the tube one needed an Oyster card. On the first day in London we went to the tube in order to go to the British Museum. However, when we were loading up our Oyster cards with money the alarm began to sound. We were evacuated and we regrouped outside of the entrance. All was fine, there was just a minor engine fire. After this experience, I was very weary of using the tube. However, I did use it several times with friends and with the whole group.  

One of my favorite modes of transportation was the double-decker buses. I have always wondered what it would be like to be on one. It certainly was a learning experience. I say this because at first we had no clue how to exit the bus. We did not know that we had to press a button in order to leave the bus, so we began people watching. We watched the other passengers in order to see what they did to exit the bus.  

I also greatly enjoyed the sleeper train. It was surprisingly nicer than I expected. Professor Gaffney told us that it was a brand new train – we quickly experienced a minor issue with our room, but the staff of the train resolved it in a timely manner. They provided myself and another student, Kathryn with a larger room and free drinks at the trains bar. I was quite surprised at how professional and kind the staff of the train were.  

Finally, we flew on large commercial jets to and from the United Kingdom. The food and drinks provided on the planes were quite nice. To and from the United Kingdom, we received full course meals and drinks. One striking difference that I noticed was that the British plane crew was much nicer than the American plane crew. They were both nice crews and went out of their ways to accommodate to our needs. For example, I drink decaf coffee; this had to be made for each person and was not pre-made. It was nice to see them so willingly go out of their way for me.  

Overall, I greatly enjoyed experiencing new modes of transportation and I really loved being able to experience a double-decker bus! The plane to the United Kingdom was a close second favorite of mine. The crew was just so friendly and willing to help with any requests.