Hiram College

Alaina Seguin ’17 traveled to Australia for the Fall 3-Week term for a class on political, social and environmental invasions.

1. Take cheesy tourist photos with no shame. Put on all the Australia stuff you just bought and take a picture in the middle of a shopping district. Lay on the ground with a pregnant kangaroo because it’s your best chance of getting one to not hop away when you run out of food.

Students with Kangaroo Students as tourists

2. Visit the rainforest and learn about all the local and invasive species. Beware of the leeches in Cairns (no fun) and ask about the jaguar that allegedly got released and now lurks around. Also take cheesy photos, especially inside trees.

Students inside tree

3. Get lost. At some point, even while you’re using your map, you’re going to get lost. Embrace it. You’ll make memorable stories such as getting lost at 1 a.m. with some friends you made from your hostel looking for someplace called Boney.

4. Go to as many beaches and oceans as you can. In Adelaide swim with dolphins, actual wild and carefree dolphins not Sea World dolphins, just don’t try to ride these ones. Explore the Great Barrier Reef. Also pay the $7 for the suit that will protect you from box jellyfish; you’ll look ridiculous but you won’t die if you get stung.

Scuba in Australia Scuba in Australia

5. Don’t go to the food chains you know from back home, yes that includes Burger King’s Australian counterpart Hungry Jack’s. If you are craving some typical “American” food, check out Grill’d, a local favorite. Frequent gelato stops and pizza on the beach aren’t bad ideas either.

6. Get your picture taken at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, you’re probably going to hate the photo you paid for. No, you can’t see mine. But, afterwards your friends can take all the photos you want. Plus, when else are you going to get to cuddle with basically a living stuffed animal?

Koala Sanctuary Koala Sanctuary

7. Be 100% unprepared for the sickness and tiredness that will come from deep sea fishing, but find the overall experience an unforgettable fun day that starts at 4 a.m.

Tired Student