Hiram College

By Molly Reising ’16

Above photo: Molly Reising ’16 bicycling through France!

The pictures I have taken of Paris this week do not do the city justice. There is no way to experience the magic the city brings you by just looking at pictures. In the beginning of the week, I could see the Eiffel Tower from a distance, but it was nothing compared to the happiness that overcame me when I stood just feet in front of it. Maybe it’s cliché, but the moment felt so special, like something I had waited forever to see and experience was finally happening. After seeing the Tower in movies and photos, I finally was able to feel the magic myself. Being hundreds of feet above the ground looking over Paris from the Eiffel Tower is definitely an experience I will cherish for life. The view is indescribable; all the buildings have so much history and look so much different than a view you would have from New York City.

For the majority of our time in Paris, I never quite felt like I was there; everything just felt like a wonderful dream that I wasn’t waking up from. I speak absolutely zero French, but the majority of the people in Paris speak English, which was extremely helpful. However, at restaurants we used the basic words such as merci, bonjour and s’il vous plait. The driving around Paris also really surprised me. There are so many people transporting on bicycles and mopeds, along with many pedestrians that makes driving so chaotic. Some areas don’t even have lines separating the lanes, you just have to rely on turning signals and really watch what’s going on around you.

Another big outing for our group was riding bicycles around Versailles. Along the way, we visited a local market and picked up food for lunch. The market was huge and like nothing I had ever experienced before. We took our lunch to the Grand Canal and had a picnic. The view from where we were sitting was outrageously gorgeous. The canal was beautiful with the Chateau on the other side of it that we got to visit at the end of our trip.

Being in Paris was so special. The hustle and bustle of the city was exciting and very lively. Southern France is next on the agenda and I look forward to seeing how the two cities compare!