Hiram College

Written by Amy Lyon ’18

This blog is written in response to Lyon’s experience on the spring 2017 trip to the United Kingdom led by Professor Rick Hyde and Paul Gaffney.

Near the last week of the trip we arrived in Edinburgh Scotland! This ended up being my favorite place that we visited. We only stayed in Edinburgh for two nights and then traveled north to Braemar for another few nights. When arriving in Edinburgh we woke up on an overnight train and the first thing I saw was a castle tower outside of my window. At this moment I knew I was going to like this place.

We walked from the train station to our hostel and I quickly began to pick up on some differences between England and Scotland. Such as the accents, the atmosphere, and the Scottish accents, which are to die for. Every place in Scotland, I noticed was very hilly and the buildings were all made of stone, each building was unique from each other. Also all of the roads in Edinburgh were made of cobblestone, which was difficult to walk on, made for a very beautiful area.

After we settled in to our room, everyone was free to do what they wanted for a few hours. A few of us went to a café for breakfast where they had the best waffles and bacon!

Then we went to the older part of the area and went shopping. Here they has shops up and down both sides of the street for miles. The shops were all so beautiful and filled with very Scottish items, such as cashmere and wool scarfs, hats, and gloves. Kilts and accessories could be found everywhere, along with shortbread cookies. It was really neat to see the different culture in this area and how it compared to the States. A lot of people I ran into in Scotland wanted to know more about the States and travel there. I found this to be extremely flattering and interesting. Also the locals in this area were all so friendly, not trying to push tourists into sales which is easily found in the States in my opinion.

We spent the rest of the time in Edinburgh mostly site seeing. We explored Holyrood Palace, which was absolutely incredible! We also explored an old castle on top of the highest hill in the area. Overall I had an amazing time in Edinburgh.

Next, while in Scotland, we traveled to Braemar for two nights. This area was more countryside than Edinburgh was. Very small but the area was really pretty. Seeing the crops and the sheep was neat. There was a small town neat our hostel which had family owned business, there wasn’t much to do in the area expect to hike. While here we hiked around the area and up this pretty big mountain. The hike itself was incredible because the scenery was so beautiful. Not a lot of people in this area and for me it felt nice to get out of the city for a few. Everyone here that we encountered was very nice as well. Overall my experience in Scotland was absolutely incredible, not a bad moment. My only complaint was that we did not stay longer.