Hiram College

By Katelyn Mauch ’17

This post was written during Katelyn’s trip in Germany during the Fall 3-week with Professors Megan Altman and Dawn Sonntag.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was walking up the trail to get to the famous philosophers (Heidegger) hut. On the way, we stopped at a beautiful spot on the trail that allowed us to sit there for twenty minutes and look out over the edge of the side of the mountain we were on. This time gave me the ability to clear my mind and reflect about being in the now; being in the moment. Absorbing my surroundings and how I fit into it. Why was I here? What do I feel? What do I think? It was shocking to sit there looking out over the little town of Todtnau, the mountains that surrounded the town, and the Swiss mountains that were present in the very far distant. I sat there and thought about how beautiful the world is and how amazing that this is only one part of the world and that there is more out there. It made me feel so small. I am only one part of this world but there is so much more. Looking out you can see how one piece fits in with all the other pieces which makes everything whole. It makes everything fit into the picture perfect view that I sat and looked out over. It was relaxing and it was somewhere to go to escape. I can see how philosophers would move out to areas like the Black Forest.  It gives one the ability to really focus on the meaning of life and living because the view just gives you a feeling of serenity. Even being up at a higher altitude, I felt that the air was much crisper and cleaner allowing me to feel more focused and at ease.. ready to take on serious philosophical questions about life. Moments like these allow you to gain appreciation for life and what you have and to not take anything for granted.