Hiram College

Not that you really need an excuse to fly to another country and immerse yourself in a novel culture and indulge in their finest foods, but here’s a list of 12 reasons to study abroad—just in case you’re not convinced yet.

  1. Learn more about yourself and become more self-aware.
  2. Boost your self-confidence and independence.
  3. Find new interests and experience new things.
  4. It’ll look good on your resume.
  5. Make lifelong friends.
  6. See your own culture through another lens.
  7. Gain a global mindset.
  8. Be spontaneous and adventurous.
  9. Find out they’re nothing like us.
  10. Find out they’re just like us.
  11. Create a lifelong love affair with another country.
  12. Like they say, “Variety is the spice of life.”

If you’re still not convinced (and I don’t know how you couldn’t be) feel free to stop by the Study Abroad Office just past Admissions on the right, or e-mail Brittany Jackson at jacksonb1@hiram.edu.