Hiram College

Written by Ricky Furner ’21

This blog post is written in response to Ricky’s 2018 spring 3-week trip to Greece with Professors Matthew Notarian and Lisa Safford.

The water in Greece is the bluest of blue.  I have never seen any water like this before.  I truly enjoyed my time at the ocean.  I was able to experience several different beaches, the white beach, red beach, black beach, and beach at Matala.  The firs time I swam I learned a great lesson, you should always wear water shoes. I, unfortunately, stepped on a sea urchin.  I still, twenty days later, can see them in my foot.  Most of the beaches in Greece are stone.  There are very few seashells and little sand.  The stones are beautiful when wet.  I was able to collect many stones and bring them back.  I have five children and they love what I have been able to show them about the beaches and ocean.  I hope one day to be be able to take them to Greece to share what love I now have for this country.  I would want them to experience all the beaches and see how one country has all different kinds of land features.  

Greece is truly a place of beauty and my favorite beach was at Matala.  While swimming in the ocean at Matala, there were caves along the shore line.  I have not seen anything like it.  The ground in the ocean here is solid rock, so be careful, because it is slippery.  The white beach is more of a yellow rock material, but yet beautiful as well.  The red beach, now this is a climb, so make sure you are wearing good shoes.  In order to get to the red beach, you must climb up and down a mountain.  It is the only way to get there.  There isn’t any place to purchase or use a restroom at this beach, so be prepared.  The black beach is a black gray stone color and it is important to wear good shoes here as well and watch out for the waves at this location as they can really knock you over.  There are several restaurants and lounges everywhere.  This is truly a relaxing beach.  It is imperative, when you visit Greece, to visit the beaches.  If you don’t, you will be missing out.