Hiram College

Written by Jessica Krulic ’17

This blog post is written in response to Jessica’s experiences on her spring 2017 3-week trip to the United Kingdom with Professors Rick Hyde and Paul Gaffney.

I have flown a few times before going on this trip. I expected everything to go smoothly because that is what I have been used to on my previous flights. You get on the plane, take off, land, and collect your luggage with no problems and delays. Well, that was not the case for the start of this trip. Our flight to JFK Airport in New York got delayed. So we were stuck waiting in the airport, anxious to leave, only for our flight to get delayed again due to bad weather. Professor Gaffney spoke with the agents and moved our flight leaving New York back, since we would not be able to make our original flight from JFK to London. Finally, we are able to board the plane in Cleveland and were on our way to New York. Time is an issue for us since we are supposed to be landing in JFK around the same time our flight to London is supposed to be taking off. We got off the plane and ran to our next terminal hoping to make our plane and that our luggage would arrive there as well. However, we were too late and the plane had just taken off by the time we arrived at the terminal. Now we were stuck at JFK Airport with no flight and not knowing where our luggage was. Professors Hyde and Gaffney tried to figure out another flight to get us all to London and they were not able to get us anything until the following evening. Also, the group was then going to be split up on two different flights: half of us flying Delta and the other half flying Virgin Atlantic. We thought we were going to be stuck in the airport until the following evening, but thankfully we got hotel rooms for the night.  

The following day we go back to JFK so we can get to London. I was with the group who was flying Virgin Atlantic. Those flying Delta were able to get their boarding passes with ease and then they went to security to wait at the gate. It wasn’t that easy for us flying Virgin Atlantic. Our original flight was with Delta and Delta was the one who switched half of us to Virgin Atlantic, since they did not have enough room on their flight for all 25 of us. With that, we had problems getting our boarding passes and there was a lot of back and forth speaking with Virgin Atlantic and Delta in order to get this mess settled. We also had to manually have them add our luggage or else it would have not arrived on our flight. Finally, we were able to get our boarding passes, make it through security, and then board the plane on time and make it safely to London.  

Our flight from Cleveland to London did not go as easy as we had hoped it would. We had to sit around waiting for quite a while and then had to get issues resolved with airlines. It definitely taught me to have patience and that plans do not always work accordingly. I was happy that I had packed extra clothes, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant into my carry-on bag because we got stuck at a hotel when we weren’t expecting that to happen. I will continue to do this each time I fly just in case I get delayed again like this. I learned to be more flexible and to go with the flow. This was a stressful time because we all just wanted to be in the UK, but it taught me lessons that I will use in my everyday life.