Hiram College

In 2014, CNN reported that studying abroad could help students get a job after college.  The experiences that you have while abroad are life changing and can inform many of your decisions afterwards.  By utilizing your study abroad experience in your resume and on your interviews, you become more marketable in today’s global climate.  Did you know that those students who have graduated from college and have a study abroad experience or two under their belt find jobs after college on average more quickly than those who do not have a study abroad experience?

CNN reported that First Lady Obama is also a huge proponent for international travel while still a student.  CNN quotes her in their April 4, 2014 article as saying, “‘The benefits of studying abroad are almost endless,” Obama said during the CNN iReport interview. “First of all, it is going to make you more marketable in the United States. More and more companies are realizing that they need people with experience around the world.'”

As our world becomes more and more connected by trade, travel, and the internet, becoming a student of the world by travelling and learning about new cultures is more and more vital to your future careers.  At Hiram, through your liberal arts education, we are preparing you to fill new, innovative, and global positions that have not even been created yet.  Where will your Hiram education take you?

To learn how to market your study abroad experiences on your resume and in job interviews, set up a meeting with Career Services.  To learn more about how to study abroad during your Hiram career, contact Brittany Jackson at jacksonb1@hiram.edu or 330-569-5380.