Hiram College

So, you have made your college decision and (yay!) you have chosen Hiram!  We are excited to have you join our community!

Now you are beginning to think of what you want to major in and what experiences you want to have while you are here.  If you are a freshman or sophomore this year, you also have a Connect requirement that you must complete before graduating.  What is the Connect requirement?  The Hiram Connect requirement requires you to reflect upon various aspects of your college career, by completing either a study abroad, internship, or research project before you graduate in a few short years.  I am biased (being the Study Away Coordinator and all), but I tend to think studying abroad sounds more fascinating than an internship or a research project.

You’ve decided that studying abroad is indeed for you.  What next?

Hiram has a few options for you to consider.  You can go on a faculty-led trip (typically offered in the 3-week sessions) to various areas all over the world.  Trips that are scheduled over the next two years include:  Spain, Chile, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Zambia, Galapagos Islands, Greece, and China.  Each of these trips already have the Connect component built into them.

Another option would be to study abroad for a semester or year at one of Hiram’s exchange partnerships.  Currently, Hiram has exchange partnerships with the following institutions: Kansai Gaidai (Osaka, Japan), Istanbul Aydin University (Istanbul, Turkey), Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey), and John Cabot (Rome, Italy).  In order to receive the Connect requirement for one of these options, you would need to complete a few additional steps, but nothing unmanageable.  If you are considering this option, please stop by and see me (Brittany Jackson – jacksonb1@hiram.edu or 330.569.5380) to discuss what you will need to do.  My office is located in Teachout Price, just past Admissions.  It says “Strategic Academic Initiatives” on the outside of the door.

Ok, you’ve made your choice of what you want to do or where you want to go, what do you need to do now?  If you are planning to go on a faculty led trip, if you visit the Hiram College Study Abroad Apply page, you can follow the steps there to complete your application.  If you are interested in doing an exchange program, you will need to apply to the institution of your choice.  To learn more about these options, you can visit the Study Abroad Exchange Program page, as well as stopping by to talk with me (see above for my contact information).

As always, if you are worried about cost, there are always scholarships available for both options!  To learn more visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships page.

Studying abroad will change your life.  I know that sounds cliche, but it is true.  Every year, students come back and talk about their experiences and impact they had on them and their future aspirations and goals.

Welcome to Hiram, soon-to-be reflective travelers!  We are excited to guide you through this exciting experience!