Hiram College

Of course you can!

While many feel that studying abroad is outside their means (and I recognize that for some it may be), Hiram College has scholarship opportunities for students with need. There are also outside scholarships you can apply for. You can view a few options on Hiram’s Study Abroad Financial Aid and Scholarship webpage. When looking at outside scholarships, you will want to pay close attention to the length of the program you are intending to go on. Occasionally, these scholarships are looking for trips that are longer than three weeks in length.

Studying abroad can be financially feasible for you, if you are creative in how and where you look for money. Search online or think about local community organizations from home, such as Kiwanis, who might sponsor a portion of your trip costs.

Start preparing now! If you are thinking about going on a spring 2017 trip, now is a great time to begin saving for the trip! If you put a little money away each paycheck during the school year and save up at your summer job, the amount you need to study abroad will quickly come to fruition. If you are strategic in your planning process, you will be that much more prepared and possibly have that much more spending money!

Worried about the cost of getting a passport? Hiram has some funds available to assist students in applying for their passports. If that is the case, contact Brittany Jackson in the Study Abroad Office and she can walk you through the steps. If you are even thinking of studying abroad, start the process of getting your passport now. These days, you need it to even travel to Canada and Mexico, so it just makes good sense to have one!

Please do not let sticker shock scare you away from exploring your study abroad options. It never hurts to apply for the study abroad trip you are considering. You are not financially obligated until you register for the class and the first bill is due. If you never sign up for the class or drop it before the first billing due date, the only amount you are out is $75 for the application fee.

I encourage every student to consider studying abroad at least once in their four years at Hiram. I learned from personal experience. I waited until I was 33 years old to travel off the continent. Now I want to go all over the world! I regret not taking advantage of the opportunities Hiram had while I was a student and had the time and energy! Don’t make the same mistake!