Tech and Trek

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About Tech & Trek

All full-time traditional and online students as well as faculty and staff are issued the latest generation of Apple learning tools to hone students’ academic, interpersonal, and reflective skills:

  • Apple iPad
  • Apple Pencil
  • Keyboard/Case

The program’s primary aim is to teach “mindful technology™”– where students learn how to creatively and critically use technology to enhance their learning on and beyond the campus. Every full-time traditional college student receives a top-end pair of hiking boots as part of Tech and Trek.

Learning Technologies Help desk

The Learning Technologies Help Desk is here to assist, faculty, staff, and students with any problems or questions regarding iPad kits or other learning technologies. Our services include:

  • Assistance with designing or completing classroom assignments on the iPad
  • Troubleshooting iPad and app software issues.
  • Providing support and training in utilizing the iPad, apps, and other learning technologies
  • Replacing broke or defective devices and accessories


Phone: 330.569.6040

Location: Library, Lower-Level/Basement, Media Services and Learning Technologies Help Desks

Academic Year Hours:  Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Summer and Break Hours:  Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Podcast Studio

The Podcast Studio is located in a newly remodeled space in the basement of the Kennedy Center. The studio, affectionately referred to as “The Bark Relaunch” in honor of the former radio station that previously resided in the space, officially opened on February 26, 2019.


Equipment Return Form – This should be completed if you need to return your device; this includes CCP students who have completed their studies, traditional students who are withdrawing, or faculty/staff leaving the college.

Equipment Replacement Form – For students, faculty or staff who are experiencing issues with their hardware and need to get a replacement via mail, because they are unable to make it to campus for an in-person replacement.


Intimate classrooms, study abroad programs, and internship opportunities have long been milestones in the Hiram College journey. In 2017, the College added a comprehensive mobile technology program as yet another marker to help students forge their path to the degree and beyond. Hiram’s program is dubbed Tech and Trek™, and its primary aim is to teach students how to creatively and critically use technology to enhance the learning that takes place on and off campus.

As part of those enhancements, Tech and Trek™ puts an Apple iPad, Apple Pencil, and keyboard bundle into the hands of every full-time traditional and adult studies student for academic and personal use. Hiram was the first four-year college or university in Ohio to introduce an Apple technology program of this kind. Hiram graduates will enter their careers with the academic, technological, and critical thinking skills required for 21st-century workforce.

All full-time traditional or online Hiram College students will be issued an iPad tablet, Apple Pencil, and keyboard/case. This includes the standard charging adapter and cable. Those participating in dual enrollment College Credit Plus taking classes on Hiram’s campus, not only at their high school will be issued the technology package through our loaner program if their courses integrate the technology into them.

Full-Time New Traditional and Online College Students: You will receive your iPad during First Days or by mail ahead of arriving on-campus.

On-campus CCP Students: You will be issued a device once you have been certified as needing a loaner device based on your course selection.

The device itself and its accompanying accessories are the property of Hiram College. You will be granted full use of them as both an educational tool and a personal device during your time here.

Traditional and online students graduating with their Bachelor’s degree will be transferred full ownership upon graduation with no additional fees. 

On-campus CCP students will be required to return the device if they are no longer enrolled in courses with Hiram College.

You are not permitted to sell the device until you have graduated and ownership has been officially transferred by way of an official transfer of ownership letter.  This does not apply to on-campus CCP or withdrawing students as those devices will need to be returned to the College at the time of unenrollment or completion of degree.

Yes. The iPad and accessories are yours to use whenever and wherever you go as long as you are enrolled as a traditional college, fully online, or on-campus CCP student.

If you are a full-time traditional or online undergraduate transfer, you will receive an iPad when you begin at Hiram College.

Students that are College Credit Plus students attending dual-credit classes on campus at Hiram College will be informed during orientation whether their courses require mobile technology and will be issued access to loaner devices at that time.

If you choose to withdraw, or are withdrawn, you must return your iPad and accessories immediately. Students will be charged the full replacement cost for any unreturned equipment. Students electing a voluntary Leave may keep their iPad for one semester while on leave.  After that semester, they must return the iPad.

No, the Tech and Trek program is already built into your tuition.

The Hiram iPad is a customized device that you use in your studies here at the College.  It will also be pre-loaded with specific educational apps and other types of digital content that you will be using in various courses and school activities. A store-bought iPad does not come with these materials and resources, and these options cannot be added to personal devices.

Yes, however the use of the device is course and faculty dependent.  Some courses may require its use as part of the curriculum while some may not require it at all.  We recommend checking the course syllabus to learn about the technology expectations for each of your classes prior to the first day.

There are several majors which may require you to have access to a PC. For example, while there are computer labs on campus to support the programming required in Computer Science courses that cannot be completed on an iPad, students in these courses may find it most convenient to have a laptop on campus.  Consult with the course syllabus and faculty member teaching the course prior to your first day for expectations and recommendations.

Some apps will be purchased by Hiram College as part of a group licensing agreement. These apps will be pre-loaded on your device when you pick it up. You will not need to buy or pay for those apps that have been pre-loaded.

However, there may be some classes that require or recommend that you purchase additional apps. These will be the responsibility of the student. They will not be loaded onto the device. You will need to purchase and download these, as you would materials such as textbooks or other instructional supplies.

Yes.  Students may install their own apps onto the iPad.

It depends on the professor. We imagine that some professors will use it heavily in their course and others will use it sparingly. The exact ways they use it will also vary from class to class and instructor to instructor. So far, professors have suggested that you might:

  • Interact virtually with students, friends, or content experts anywhere, anytime.
  • Be part of a class where faculty can assess your understanding on the spot so questions get answered and you don’t leave confused by the material presented.
  • Download presentation apps to create state-of-the-art digital storytelling projects.
  • Augment a written narrative or essay with photography or videography.

Probably not in all classes. The use of the iPad and related devices for course work during class is at the discretion of the individual faculty member. We recommended that you bring the iPad to class with you unless you are told differently. Students will be able to use the technology to take class notes, create interactive presentations and iMovies, record (with permission) certain parts and pieces of class or group work, share and distribute group projects, and much more.

The iPad gives you options for buying and accessing textbooks. For example, some, if not many, textbooks may be available in an e-book format that you can purchase and download on your iPad. This means you could have the book with you on your mobile device without having to lug around a printed copy.

Hiram will offer 1 credit hour courses regularly for students to learn how to utilize their iPad and build their academic technology skills. Some formal workshops may also be provided. Our staff in the Learning Technologies office (located on the first floor of the Library in the Student Academic Services suite) will be available to answer questions about the device and its functions as well.

Our Learning Technologies Help Desk staff, located in the lower level of the Hiram College Library, are trained to assist faculty, staff, and students with their iPads. These student workers will be available Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. during the academic year and 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. during the summer to provide you with additional support, including any software- or hardware-related issues.

Monitoring will not occur in the sense that we are “watching” what you do on it. Though we expect you to use it for ethical and legal purposes only.

We will have a homing and enabling function on these devices, however. These will allow us to “ping” the device if it gets lost or stolen. It will also allow us to “turn it off” remotely in case it falls into the hands of someone who should not have it. We will also have a remote management function installed that allows us to push updates and apps to the devices without you needing to bring it to the Learning Technologies Helpdesk.

We cannot, however, see sensitive information such as passwords, contacts, browser history, usage data, etc.  Your privacy is important to us and you should feel comfortable to use your iPad as a personal device as well as a study tool.

The device is yours to customize. Again, we expect you will use it for much of your academic work, but we also know you will likely use it for personal and social things as well. You may use it to access apps such as FaceTime or Netflix.

No, you may not. Jailbreaking these devices makes it difficult or impossible to update the device and push out apps you are expected to access. If you do violate this policy, there will be consequences to face (student conduct issues, computer policy issues, etc.). You will be charged a damage fee for modifying the device in this way.

Lost items must be reported to Campus Safety and the Learning Technologies Help Desk immediately. A replacement iPad will be issued, but if the lost device is found, one of the devices must be returned.

Students are responsible for lost or stolen items and will be required to replace these items through the Learning Technologies Help Desk to continue engagement in their classes.  Lost items must be replaced and students are responsible for the replacement cost of each item which are listed on the agreement form which you sign before receiving your device.

AppleCare provides repair coverage for your iPad and its battery, including coverage for up to two incidents of damage from handling. Each repair is subject to a $50 service fee.  The staff at the Learning Technologies Help Desk facilitate this repair and swap you out with a replacement device so that you don’t have to.

Broken accessories can also be swapped at the Learning Technologies Help Desk, however, you may be responsible for replacement depending on the issue. The Learning Technologies Help Desk staff can assist with these issues on a case-by-case basis.

Hiram will maintain a stock of loaner iPads, Apple Pencils, and keyboards but these devices will be primarily available for on-campus CCP students. Students (and parents if the student is under 18 years of age) must sign off on loaner iPads and accept responsibility for any loaner equipment that is in their possession.

Your iPad comes with AppleCare protection that supports repairs needed. You can read the terms of AppleCare here. Lost or stolen iPads should be reported immediately to Campus Safety and the Learning Technologies Help Desk.  Ultimately, the student assumes all risks of loss of the hardware bundle and will be responsible for the cost to replace them.

Your device must be locked with a passcode, and the Find My iPad service will be enabled via iCloud. That way, if your iPad is taken, no one can access your private information and we will have a greater likelihood in locating and retrieving your iPad. Hiram’s remote management system will also allow an official to disable the device if it is lost or stolen, thereby making it useless to someone who should not have it.

Yes. iPads are powerful tools. Amongst many other things, they can easily be used for recording and exploring the world around us. When being used in these ways, students must be aware of privacy concerns since there are real-world consequences for invading the privacy of others.

There are many other use issues that students need to consider when deploying the technology. Some of these issues will be discussed at student training programs. As a general source of information, you should reference and adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy For Technology. This policy can be found on

Students who use their iPads inappropriately may face judicial action at the discretion of the College.

Our agreement forms are now digital. Students will receive a copy of the signed agreement to the email they provide at the time the form is completed.