Celebration of Experiential Learning

Image: Sugar Day


Organized by the Office of Scholarly Endeavors, this year’s Celebration of Experiential Learning will take place in September 2024 on the last Tuesday!

The Celebration of Experiential Learning is a day to celebrate and showcase the scholarly work and experiential learning of students and professors. Over the years, students from education, psychology, history, sociology, computer science, physics, entrepreneurship, biomedical humanities, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental studies, and many others have participated.


Additional Information

Celebration of Experiential Learning History

Started in 2009, Hiram College hosts a poster session in the fall semester to celebrate and showcase the scholarly work and experiential learning of its students and faculty members. The event has grown to welcome all forms of experiential learning and has added an evening faculty poster session and networking opportunity. 

Over the years, students and faculty from nearly every program on campus have participated. With various research locations spanning from Hiram’s own James H. Barrow Biological Field Station to Northwoods and beyond, the work is as diverse as their disciplines. Research projects cover field, lab, and archival work, programming, translations, outreach, and many others. 

Past projects include “The Grasslands Enhancement Program,” “Los Angeles Angels DSL Baseball Internship,” “Application of Water Quality Testing at James H. Barrow Biological Field Station,” and “Epigenetic Regulation of Lung Epithelial Development by the SWI/SNF Proteins ARID1A and ARID1B” funded by the National Institutes of Health.