Tax Information

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General Information

All F-1 visa holders who were non-residents for tax purposes are required by federal law to complete specific tax forms during their course of study in the United States — even if the student did NOT work!  Note: you may become a tax resident while you remain on a non-immigrant visa. To determine if you are a tax resident or non-resident, you must complete the Substantial Presence Test. For assistance in determining your tax status, please visit the Office for International Student Services.

For detailed information, federal tax forms, and federal tax filing instructions, visit the IRS Website:

Forms to File


Hiram College has purchased a limited number of usages of Glacier Tax Prep, a web-based tax software program. Please see the International Student Services Office to request instructions for accessing the Glacier Tax Prep program.

All federal tax forms must be posted to the IRS by April 15 of each calendar year.


Once federal tax forms are complete and you have attained your Federal Adjusted Gross Income, you may be ready to file your state tax forms.

Ohio residents may find the Ohio State tax forms at a local post office or online at

Village of Hiram

The Village of Hiram also collects income tax from residents through the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) at