International Student Health Insurance

Image: International students at Hiram

Hiram College requires that all students carry health insurance. All international students will automatically be signed up for GeoBlue Insurance.

Although health insurance is an additional cost and students may not require medical care in a given year, it is very important to have health insurance in the United States. Health insurance is used to protect you medically and financially when you get sick or have an accident. Medical costs in the United States are very high and it is nearly impossible to pay for these costs without having health insurance.

Benefits of Having Health Insurance

  • If you are ever sick and need to see a doctor, your health insurance will pay for reasonable and customary charges after the co-pay.  Sometimes a single doctor’s visit can cost over $100, so if you need to see a doctor two or three times during the year, the cost can accumulate.
  • If you are ever in an accident and need to see a doctor and/or be hospitalized, your health insurance will pay for reasonable and customary charges after the co-pay. If you require surgery and/or ongoing therapy, the cost can be hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • If you need to purchase prescription drugs, your health insurance will pay for some of the cost of the prescription.

GeoBlue International Health Insurance

  • In order for you to receive the best care and pay the least amount of money, you must follow a few guidelines.
    If possible, always visit the Hiram College Julia Church Health Center first.  Unlimited Health Center visits are included in your tuition and fees so if you get sick, please visit the staff at the Health Center.  The consultation with the nurse and/or physician is free and they are knowledgeable to help students with many illnesses and injuries.  They may also order prescriptions for you if required. Costs for special tests and prescriptions are not included in your visit, but may be paid for by your health insurance.
  • If you are not able to visit the Health Center, you should go to a health care provider that is included in your health insurance network.  You may find network providers on the GeoBlue website.
  • In the event of an emergency, go to the nearest emergency clinic or hospital.  Medical costs incurred in an emergency are covered by your health insurance after the co-pay.

Please be sure to carry your health insurance card with you in your wallet at all times because an emergency may arise at any time. It is also recommended that you keep a photocopy of your health insurance card in your room.