My LifePlan

Image: Students at springfest.

MY LIFEPLAN at hiram college

Hiram College and My LifePlan®, a healthcare information services company, are proud to announce a partnership that will bring My LifePlan’s breakthrough service, MyChoice® to all current students, faculty and staff, as well as to all incoming freshmen, free of charge.

My LifePlan integrates the latest biometric technology and Web-based access to provide first responders and hospital emergency room staff with secure, immediate access to critical information. MyChoice speaks for individuals who may not be able to speak for themselves by providing personnel with a medical history, emergency contacts, allergies and any personal directives a patient may have, through a simple scan of a fingerprint or the use of an ID card.

Follow the these instructions to sign up:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the button
  3. You will need to accept the following agreements:
    a. Terms and Conditions
    b. Subscriber Agreement
    c. HIPAA Agreement
  4. Type in your First Name and Last Name
  5. Type in a Username
  6. Type in a valid email address (preferably your Hiram College email address)
  7. Type in a password (Note: You must confirm your password)
    a. Passwords must contain at least six characters with at least one letter and one non-letter character other than a space. Passwords may not contain your user name, your first name or your last name.
  8. Click on Register

You are now registered with My LifePlan/MyChoice program.

You may now begin filling out your Client Profile, Medical History, Advance Directives and Healthcare Power of Attorney pages.

NOTE: Once you are registered, someone from My LifePlan will contact you to set up a date/time to register your print.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at: 866.297.0995.