Image: Students walking on campus in the fall

Hiram has several on-campus (or very near to campus) resources that can fill a variety of your needs. These sources will also be listed in the other sections to which they are applicable, but they are here first for those who don’t have the option of off-campus help and don’t want to sort through list after list to try and find what they need.

Detra West: Associate Dean of Students/Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Phone: 330.569.5237

Email: westde@hiram.edu

Office Location: Kennedy Center, 1st Floor

Advisor: Detra West

Phone: 330.569.7697

Address: 6868 Wakefield Rd, Hiram OH 44234 (at the corner of Rt. 82 and Rt. 700)

Reverend Christopher McCreight: College Chaplain

Email: mccreightcj@hiram.edu or  chris@hiramchristianchurch.org

Phone: 330.569.5418

Location: Corner of Peckham and Hinsdale, across from the Pendleton House

Asha Goodner: Director of Health Services
Phone: 330.569.5419
Email: goodneral@hiram.edu

Kevin Feisthamel: Director of Counseling, Health & Disability Services
Phone: 330.569.5952
Email: feisthamelKP@hiram.edu

Office Phone: 330.569.5188 (available 8:30 am-5 pm on standard business days)

After Hours Phone: 330.469.4119 (available 5 pm-8 am everyday)

Email: CampusSafety@hiram.edu

Office Location: Kennedy Center 2nd Floor

Phone: 330.569.5232

Email: ResidenceLife@hiram.edu

Location: 1st Floor of Hayden

Ed Frato-Sweeney: Director of Residential and Citizenship Education
Phone: 330.569.5239
Email: SweeneyEA@hiram.edu

Kelly Johns: Coordinator of Housing Operations
Phone: 330.569.6108
Email: JohnsKM@hiram.edu

24/7 Hotline: 330.678.4357 (HELP)
Business Phone: 330.678.3006
Address: 155 N Water St, Kent OH 44240