Crisis Resources

Image: Students walking on campus in the fall


The goal of these pages is to connect people with resources that can help them through difficult times in life.

Whether it’s dealing with long or short term mental health issues, figuring out your gender or sexuality, or reporting abuse or assault, this site aims to connect you with resources and help you find the support you need.

With both on and off campus resources, we hope you will find what you need here. If there is something else you’re looking for, you are more than welcome to contact the site admin for help. In several of the sections we have laid out the steps you can go through to get help; for example, we’ve laid out the steps for filing a sexual assault report and for finding a psychiatrist or psychologist that works with your insurance.

The most important thing to remember when looking for help is that you aren’t alone and getting help does not mean you are weak.

If this is an emergency:

Local Hospitals, SANE units, and Urgent Cares

Suicidal or Similar Crisis: See suicide/crisis under Mental Health