Theo Peppeard


Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH

Chemistry and Physics Double Major

“I have learned to be my best and truest self,” says Theo Peppeard ’25 when looking back at their freshman year. “I am slowly working towards that now and I am proud of the progress I have made to this day!”

Hiram College won Peppeard over for its content-heavy science programs and the smaller campus. When touring colleges during their junior year of high school, Peppeard had wanted a range of large and small schools to visit, but after touring Hiram, they immediately felt accepted. “Hiram ended up winning me over due to having open arms and making me feel welcome just from a tour around campus,” says Peppeard.

Peppeard currently works at the library and enjoys reading and creative writing. As a student, they have noticed an improvement in their studies because of Hiram’s curriculum. “Hiram helped me as a student and gave me the chance to be diverse and take classes outside of my intended majors,” says Peppeard. Although they have not declared a major, their interest is in Chemistry and Physics.

After graduation, Peppeard plans on pursuing their masters in astrophysics.