Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH

Communications Major

“What really drew me to Hiram College was the small, niche atmosphere,” says Sydney Finley-Houston ‘23. As a student-athlete, she aspired to find a college that challenged her and provided her with a personal education. “I knew that I wanted to go to a small school because I didn’t want to be another number in a classroom.”

Finley-Houston serves as President of Lamda Pi Eta (LPH), the official Communications Studies society of the National Communication Association, and she was also an active member of Hiram’s Women’s Lacrosse Team. She attributes learning problem-solving, collaboration, and organization skills to being a student-athlete. She says, “Being a student-athlete has taught me the skills and tools necessary for my future professional endeavors. Being a key team member on and off the field allows you to understand the importance of communication.”

Along with finding value in her sports, Finley-Houston explores various mediums of art—graphic design, painting, photography, and ceramics. She believes art and design have helped her find her passion and have pushed her to pursue her education in public relations, marketing, and design. “My creativity has allowed me to see things from varying perspectives, which is an important characteristic to have in my desired professional fields,” she says.

Finley-Houston has previously worked for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio as a Marketing Intern and is now pursuing a Marketing and Communications internship with JetPack Group in Cleveland, OH. When looking toward life after graduation, Finley-Houston is eager to work toward her goals. She says, “I look forward to discovering and learning more about myself. I have skills that can be applied in several career fields, and I look forward to seeing where I fit in this world.”