Skyler Huda

Skyler Huda ’24

Hometown: Poland, OH

Sport Management Major and Educational Studies Double Major

“I always had a plan to major in Sport Management even before I knew I was going to attend Hiram,” said Skyler Huda ’24. For as long as she can remember, sports were discussed every day in her household and many of her family members have a past of being great athletes. Soccer has been Huda’s passion and knowing that she would stop investing her time and love into the sport after graduation never sat right with her. “Majoring in Sport Management gives me the ability to not get disconnected from soccer as well as other sports that I enjoy;  it’ll bring me closer to them. I will never truly fade away from any sport because it will continue to shape my life.”

Huda serves as one of Hiram’s goalkeepers on the Women’s Soccer team and loves to run long distances, work out, hang out with her friends, and eat plenty of food. “My parents always told me to work in a field that I love because I will never work a day in my life, and that is how I feel when I am in my classes at Hiram,” said Huda. She has enjoyed the varying coursework and how hands-on her assignments have been. By making videos, presentations, podcasts, and papers, Huda feels she has the liberty to create work she is proud of and can pick topics she is interested in. “Along with my coursework, I love the wide range of internships you can pursue. I have done broadcasting for Hiram’s winter sports events and have coached a high school soccer team,” said Huda.

There is nothing Huda wants more than to immerse herself in her field of study and gain valuable experiences through Hiram’s curriculum. “This major has been setting me up for success from my freshman year to now, and it will continue to set me up for success until I graduate. Everything I have learned from my classes so far, I will apply in the real world,” said Huda.