Simone Chatman

simone chatman ‘26

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Psychology and Sociology Major

Simone Chatman is a psychology and sociology double major in her third year at Hiram. Simone felt that Hiram checked all of her boxes of what she wanted in a college. Hiram has allowed Simone to find her true passions and guide her along a path to one day be a counselor. Simone describes the culture at Hiram College as goal oriented, positive, and beautiful. She shared that some of her friends she’s made at Hiram feel like family and she appreciates that.  

When asked what her favorite class at Hiram was; Simone said, “Judgment, Decisions, and Biases was my favorite class at Hiram because we got to learn about the human perception. That was by far my most favorite class, thus far, because we learned how flawed and malleable the mind is. It made me question so many possibilities in the world and brings on a new perspective” 

Simone is the Vice President of Activities for Student Senate, Vice President of Overbooked, and a Student Ambassador on campus. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, video games and hanging out with friends. One interesting thing about Simone is, “I can talk to anyone which in part makes me a good terrier guide but I also want to deepen my understanding of other people and the world around me.” Her favorite experience at Hiram so far was the JAG Music Festival. Simone feels that Hiram is a place where she belongs and allows her to chase whatever passion or dream she chooses.  

A fun fact about Simone: “Currently, I have Beyonce’s album Renaissance on repeat because it is so uplifting and happy. I had to sit down and listen to the album a few times before I came to love everything she sings about. I recommend it to anyone looking to uplift themselves,” Simone said.