Rebecca Cotterman


Hometown: Greenwich, OH

Educational Licensure and English Double Major

Rebecca Cotterman ’25 dreams of becoming an English college professor because of the connections she has made at Hiram College. The atmosphere on campus and the shared excitement she found with faculty and staff instilled a sense of excitement and possibility for Cotterman. The architecture and history were just a plus. “The classrooms being inside of old houses sounded really amazing, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get that anywhere else,” she says.

As an avid baker, writer, reader, and musician, Cotterman always challenges her sense of creativity. She is involved in the Writers-In-Residence program where the group brainstorms ways to create creative writing workshops and then implements them with residents at the Portage Juvenile Detention Center. Cotterman also reads poetry submissions for the Hiram College Poetry Review where people from all over the world can submit their work. She enjoys putting together the final book and appreciating the effort made throughout the year-long process.

Hiram has allowed Cotterman to explore her wanderlust. During the 2022 Spring Semester, she was able to take a study abroad trip to the United Kingdom to learn about the land and culture. “It was incredible,” she says. “My favorite part was seeing Much Ado About Nothing performed at Shakespeare’s Globe.”

When giving advice to prospective students, Cotterman says, “Everyone else is just as nervous about making friends as you are. It is important to find someone who fits with you!” Cotterman feels that Hiram has helped her become more confident with herself and her writing capabilities but most importantly, the friends she has made are life-long.