Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown ‘25

Hometown: Hudson, OH

Educational Studies & Psychology Double Major
Crime, Law and Justice Minor

“There are opportunities everywhere we look here at Hiram. We are being prepared for the world outside of college every day,” says Natalie Brown ’25. As a member of Hiram’s Women’s Swim Team, President of the Cross Country Club, Treasurer for Hiram’s Equestrian Club, and a Terrier Guide in the Office of Admissions, Brown looks back at her first year fondly and is proud of how she has grown. “When I stepped on campus, I was nervous and really didn’t talk to a lot of people at first. Now, I’m leading tours and answering phone calls in Admissions,” she says. “ It’s helped a lot because I can talk to groups of people now without being super nervous and I can do it confidently.”

As a current educational studies and psychology double major, Brown has developed a strong understanding of the challenges teachers are faced with as well as how to properly handle these difficult situations. She says, “In my summer class, we are learning about trauma and how to deal with the kids in class that may be suffering from trauma like bullying or child abuse. We learn real-world things every day in class.”

Brown plans on pursuing graduate school for social work or special education and hopes to open a therapy horse barn in the future.