Mineko Roach

Mineko Roach ’26

Hometown: Cortland, OH

Integrated Middle Childhood Education Major

“I enjoy numbers and I want to show kids that math doesn’t have to be boring,” said Mineko Roach ’26.  In middle school, Roach had several math teachers that helped her fall in love with numbers. This inspired her to attend Hiram and pursue a degree in integrated middle childhood education with a focus in math and science, so she could give students a similar experience she once had. “I felt comfortable coming to Hiram and I like how the class sizes were not large, but small and engaging,” said Roach. “I got to jump headfirst into Hiram’s education courses and my classes work specifically toward my major.”

Roach likes that her major can span different grades and that she has received immediate, hands-on experience with local schools. She said, “The tutoring I am doing right now is in my grade range, and that is exciting to me!”

In the future, Roach is looking forward to moving back home and taking a job at her home school. She enjoys attending concerts, admiring nature, and preparing wings and tacos. Currently, she serves as a waitress and admits to having “the best coworkers” she could ever ask for.

Mineko’s advice for prospective students:

“Make sure that you stay on top of your work. Although college is fun, your work is important. Doing small amounts over time is less stressful and more effective.”